Teach for the Freeskool!

Hi folks,

It's getting near that time again - a new term with the Ithaca Freeskool.
The February, March, April term, that is! We are on the lookout for
teachers, facilitators, organizers, etc. to share their knowledge, skills,
and/or activities with the community. You don't need to be an expert, you
just need a desire to hold a space where people can learn something
together or just enjoy each other's company creatively. The deadline for
class proposals for the new term is January 10th! This applies to
continuing classes from the current term, as well.

Who we are:
The Freeskool exists to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills,
experience, and fun amongst the good folks of Ithaca. We believe that
education happens all the time and happens most pleasurably when it
happens informally amongst people who are sharing things that they are
genuinely interested in. We are all teachers and we are all students. We
have a vision of radical sustainability, social justice, and conviviality
and see this project as another step in the right direction of breaking
down barriers between folks and building the skills we need for a better
world and better lives. We organize collectively by consensus. And have
lots of fun!

How it Works:

Teachers are volunteers. You choose what you will teach, where you will
hold the class, when and how often class will be held. Of course, once you
meet the folks who come to your class you might all decide to change it
around a bit. That's fine and encouraged.

What We Need From You:

This info...

Class Name:
Teacher/Facilitator Name:
Public Contact Info:
Date(s) and Time(s):
Class Location:
Short Description:
Requirements:(ie, bring water, a copy of a book, shovel, students must
RSVP, whatever, etc, etc.)

(Current class descriptions can be viewed at:

We then take this and publish a calendar which is placed around town with
descriptions on the other side. We also put the information on our website
(http://www.ithacafreeskool.wordpress.com). Updates, graphics and other
information pertaining to your class can easily be put up on the site as

Here is a list of longed for classes that folks brainstormed at a
Freeskool event a few months ago to give you some ideas and inspiration:


The deadline for class proposals for the Feb/Mar/Apr term is January 10th!

Hope to see you soon. Class proposals and questions can be directed to
ithaca_freeskool@riseup.net also, feel free to call Dirk at 718-637-4358
for more info. You can even join our list-serv: ithaca_freeskool@yahoogroups.com

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