wood collection party for maple syrup project

This Sunday help collect some wood. We need to
collect a bunch of the fallen or dead standing wood to
use for boiling maple syrup. We will be cutting down
small to medium dead standing trees and dragging them
to a storage area for stacking. We will also be
felling larger trees to put up for next season.

The schedule would be to meet at the farm (#2247 On
Rt. 79 in Enfield 1/2 mile past blinking light on
Enfield Center Rd. on the left just past the bridge)
at noon (carpools will leave from 111 Monroe St around 11:40)
and collect wood until around 4PM and then head down
to Linda and Kenny’s @ 111 Monroe St. to watch the
Super Bowl and party.

Please bring any of the following if you have them:
chain saw, bow saws, or other saws for cutting down
small trees; ropes or webbing straps to drag the wood
to the stacking area; anything else that you think
would be useful. We will provide lunch on site.

please rsvp to rainbowwarrior14874 AT yahoo.com or call

Josh Dolan

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