Social Detox Class Syllabus

picture-1.pngSee this post on the Social Detox Blog

Welcome to this Winter’s Freeskool Session of SocialDetox. This class officially begins on thursday Feb 28th… then it’ll be a closed session. To join the class you will need to RSVP with me at clover56 at


There will be required readings for the class. We will take this part of the class very seriously. The readings will provoke discussion that goes deep into the topic of anarchism and gender liberation. Some of the books we will explore;

Woman and Nature, by Susan Griffin

Conquest, by Andrea Smith

The Color of Violence, by Incite! women of color against violence

Stopping Rape, a Challenge for Men, by Rus Ervin Funk

NightVision, by Butch Lee and Red Rover

Caliban and the Witch, by Silvia Federici

—- also, we’ll be reading various zines from the Social Detox Distro.—-

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