Sarah B. & I will be hosting a class next Thursday, May 8th, entitled Healthy Cycles: Alternatives for Sustainable Menstruation. How, might you ask, are periods unsustainable?!? Well, having a cycle is most certainly sustainable and natural, but the prevailing popular attitudes, advertising, unhealthy products we’re told to use, etc. are not sustainable and do not promote a healthy, happy view of women and our bodies.

During class we’ll have activities, plenty of hand-outs, and we’ll learn a lot of fun and not-so fun facts. For example, did you know that pads and tampons are taxed in the US – because they’re classified as a luxury item? Items that are not taxed include such necessities as Chapstick. Think of all the tax women pay during our lifetimes, on top of all the money we pay to massive corporations like Tampax for bleached, dioxin-filled disposables… Just because we have natural cycles. Hmmm… who thought that up?

Feel free to come join us and discuss alternative products (including organic cotton disposables as well as a multitude of other reusable options), some short history on menstruation and practices that actually *embrace* it, and ways to have a healthy attitude and a healthy body- without using prescriptions and Advil. Enjoy the company of others while we all share our collected knowledge and formulate more positive views of our important, healthy, fantastic cycles.

The class will take place from 7 – 8:15 PM on Thursday, May 8th in the GreenStar meeting room. The class is most certainly free, but you do have to sign up (space is limited, it’s a small-ish room). Call or stop by GreenStar to put your name on the list. (273-9392)

Feel free to pass this info around to anyone you think might be interested, it should be a fun time. Everyone is welcome! We’re all learning and we all have something to teach. I look forward to seeing ya’ll!

Love & sustainable cyclery…


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