Herb of the Month Club, Monday August 11

The Herb of the Month Club will be meeting again Monday,
August 11 at 6 pm in Stewart Park. We’ve been meeting in the grassy area between the parking lot and the lake if you .
The Herb of the Month Club is a medicinal herb tasting group. We try
low doses of medicinal herb tinctures and teas and describe the tastes, sensations, and imagery we experience.
We focus on one herb each month, sharing information on
actions, indications, herbal lore, cultivation & identification of the herb we
taste, as well as how to make medicine from the plant. The class is
designed to be fun and useful for folks who are new to herbal medicine AND those with more experience who just want to get a chance to spend some
time with a specific herb.

This month we’ll be drinking some tea! Everyone will get a chance to take some dried or fresh herb home with them as well as
an informational zine about the herb we’re tasting
including a clip n’ save membership card.

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