Winter Session Teacher Deadline Coming Up!! 9/10

The Ithaca Freeskool is currently looking for
teachers/facilitators/activity hosts for our next session. Share your
knowledge, skills, talents, or idea of a good time with the community. The
session begins October 1st and ends December 31st. Class proposals are due
no later than September 10th.

Teachers teach what they want to teach, when they want to teach, where
they want to teach. If you would like to teach a class, for example, on
auto maintenance for the mechanically challenged in front of your house on
alternate wednesdays – you could do that. Or if you wanted to teach a one
evening workshop on candlemaking at your friend’s house, you could do
that, too! Even a day long canoe trip in the inlet or a once a month
permaculture slideshow at the library. The Freeskool is user friendly for

Find out more of how you can share your gifts and talents and build
community at the teacher info page of our website at

Read the info there and submit the required information to

Remember that our deadline is September 10th!

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