The New Ithaca Freeskool Session begins in OCTOBER!!! Fall is finally here and our calendar is yet again full of great classes that will rock your world. By the time you read this, the global economy may well have collapsed under the weight of the finance class’s chickens coming home to roost and boy won’t you wish you’d learned to do stuff for yourself with the friendly folks of the Freeskool. Only half kidding there. Times are shaky and uncertain out there but life feels a whole lot more stable in my world as bikes are maintained and the bounties of Autumn gardens are processed into canned goods in the kitchen with friends and music rocking.

This session we’ll be hooking you up with learning for the head, the hands and the heart as well. I guess we’re kind of like 4H in that regard, though I can’t remember what the fourth H stands for. Last  session was amazing and this time we’ll take it further. Build skills. Build community.

Keep warm.

~The Ithaca Freeskool Collective

PS: In case you didn’t hear about the insane police response to demonstrators and organizers in St. Paul during the Republican National Convention by way of Democracy Now journalist Amy Goodman’s now famous arrest, check out this statement of the National Lawyers Guild with regards to the disconcerting and ridiculous overkill of charges leveled against organizers in the Twin Cities. Chilling.

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