Creative Visualization

Ever have the desire to meditate, but don't know how?

...well there are lots of ways to do it...

I have decided to facilitate a FreeSkool class on the topic of one
particular style:
     Creative Visualization.

its fun,

So I invite you, Thursday @ 7pm to my house, 430 N. aurora st. (big
red apartment building) apartment 5 (upstairs with pumpkins) to the
creative visualization meditation groups first meeting.
I will provide hot apple cider and apples, you can bring yourself, a
friend, and/or something to share.

no experience necessary,
follow a few breathing exercises,
create positive affirmations,
align your chakras,
create the life you want to live... and live it.

Check the blog!

Hope to see some of ya'll here!
ps.,.. the date has been changed to thursdays instead of sundays

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