Intro To Anarchist Studies 101 – Friday

Hey there,

This week’s anarchist studies class will be meeting on friday at 6pm at the OWL cafe’ on the commons. Readings will be provided. The theme of this weeks class is Anarchist History and Origins of Anarchist movement. See you there!

the following is the complete syllabus for Anarchist Studies 101

Welcome Class
>> This is Intro to Anarchist Studies 101
>> I'm honored to have such a great class this semester for the Ithaca
>> Freeskool and excited about the adventures and readings that we have
>> ahead
>> of us. Attatched in this e-mail is the reading from last class on wed.
>> october 15th. Please catch up. And if you'all are into it, use this
>> e-mail
>> list for discussion.
>> Description.
>> This class is an overview of the Anarchist movement, ranging from
>> historical texts and theory, to contemporary anarchist beliefs,
>> actions,
>> lifestyles, etc... We'll be looking at how anarchist movement is
>> influence
>> by other liberation struggles around the world. We'll be studying the
>> anarchist movement in other parts of the world such as south america,
>> europe, and asia. In the anarchist tradition this class is
>> participatory
>> and slightly on the edge.
>> Schedule.
>> 1st class. October 15th 6pm OWL CAFE in Autumn Leaves
>>    -  Readings: (attatched) "Peace is Patriotic, and that's the
>> problem.
>> An Anarchist Perspective" Pamphlet. Found this somewhere a few years
>> back.
>>    - This reading is a response to the emerging anti-war movement's
>> response to the war in iraq. Marches and protests that were contained
>> and permitted within the police sanctioned "freespeech" zone. The zine
>> discusses and defines an "anarchist perpective on war".
>>    - Our discussion was informed by reading the centerfold of this
>> zine
>> titled "Anarchists, what we stand for".
>>    - the second half of the class we took a walk to the secret tunnel
>> beneath cornell. Did some role plays and had discussions about the
>> kind of world we want to live in.
>> 2nd class. October 24th (friday) same time. 6pm at OWL CAFE in
>> Autumn Leaves.
>>    - the theme of this class is History. We'll be reviewing some
>> significant moments in anarchist history across the world. Comparing
>> it to todays anarchist movements. We'll be looking at the North
>> American Dropout culture in the 16th & 17th Century; pirate utopias,
>> resistance to witch trials, indigenous liberation movements, slave
>> uprisings and abolitionists, etc... etc... so much to explore here!
>>    - Second half of the class is a field trip to be announced.
>> 3rd class tba ( we will decide this together as a class either in
>> person
>> or on e-mail. Send your proposals now)
>>    - Theme, Anarcha Feminism. Historical and contemporary. What is the
>> relationship between anarchism and feminism? We'll be exploring the
>> ways that anarcha feminists have been participating in Women's
>> liberation movements since the formation of patriarchy.
>> 4th class tba
>>   - theme, Primitivism and eco-anarchism, anti-civilization movements.
>> This class will dive into some of the philosophical framework behind
>> the earth liberation movements and animal liberation movements. How
>> anarchists have participated and how contemporary anarchist
>> philosophy/lifestyle in North America have been informed by these
>> movements.
>> other upcoming themes;
>> 1  - theme, contemporary anarchist movements. This class will be
>> providing info about existing anarchist community projects around the
>> world that are accepting participation. We'll be talking about and
>> sharing experiences about anarchist culture and groups processes and
>> etiquette that have developed in the contemporary anarchist movements.
>>   - we've seen a huge shift in energy from the anarchist movement in
>> North America since the 80's and then another shift in the 90s with
>> inspiration and influence from the Zapatista uprising in mexico. Since
>> 911 and the greenscare repression, the anarchist movement has shifted
>> again. What are these shifts and how can we stay informed and inspired
>> in a decentralised movement?
>> 2   - Advanced anarchist theory.
>>    by advance i mean you will read the text in advance, and help the
>> class understand the messages and philosophy by giving a 10 minute
>> presentation on your selected texts. You can either choose from one of
>> our many zines and books in the Silent City Distro, or better yet,
>> find something we've never heard of.  This class will be a discussion
>> of anarchist theory and how it can inform our actions.

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