Healthy Cycles: Positive Menstruation

Healthy Cycles: Positive Menstruation
This Thursday, Nov. 20, 7-8:30 pm

This class will be a lively and fun workshop about positive perceptions
of the body and menstruation, and how to make healthy and
planet-friendly choices that work for you. A brief history of beliefs
and attitudes regarding these natural and necessary life cycles across
cultures and different kinds of media will be discussed, including
charting a menstrual cycle, safe and sustainable menstrual products,
herbal remedies, strategies for health, and ways to embrace a more
natural and healthy view of menstruation. Tea provided, everyone is
welcome. Please bring any information you want to discuss or hand out,
and a friend! Facilitators are Kendra Lynn, Promoter of Sustainable
Cyclery, and Sarah Brylinsky, Ecofeminist Menstruation Consultant.

Call Greenstar Cooperative Market at  (607) 273-9392‎ to reserve your space- only 20
seats available!
Questions can be directed to Sarah at

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