Winter/Spring ’09 Term Has Begun! Regional Permaculture Consulta this Sunday!

Greetings and welcome! The new Freeskool term has begun! We have 31 classes this term!! Last term, we had 16. It feels as though we’ve just hit the upward curve on an exponential graph. As I write this, the first classes of the term have already occurred.  We mark our 2 year anniversary on April 1st. Happy Birthday to us! Sometimes it hardly seems real that we were able to get this project to where it is now and with practically no budget.  Freeskool is a project driven by relationships and creativity.

We apologize for not having the PDF of the new calendar up for download yet. That will be corrected in the coming days. Click on “Class Descriptions”  and check out the stunning array of classes available throughout February, March and April.

We’re very heavy on the permaculture and other “Earth skills” classes this term. Be sure to check out the Permaculture Regional Consulta this Sunday the 8th  (1-5pm at Cornell Cooperative Extension  – 615 Willow Avenue).  A big part of the Freeskool’s mission is to provide access to skills and social situations that will empower folks to face the challenges we face in this day and age. With Climate Change accelerating, fresh water dwindling, financial collapse worldwide and 1,000 other issues equally serious and demanding our focused attention, I can think of no better time to get involved with regenerative paradigms of land use and growing our own food  (besides 50 years ago).

Love and rage,


Freeskool Collective

P.S.,  Our pals over at Silent City Distribution are having a “SciFi vs. Fantasy” dance party celebrating the release of the 2nd issue of their publication, “IthAca Zine.” The fun starts at 7pm at the Worker’s Center, upstairs from Autumn Leaves (115 The Commons)  on Saturday, Feb 7th. $5 with a costume – $7 without.

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