We’re Looking for Teachers for the Summer Term!

Hi everybody!

It’s springtime. Forsythia blooms ecstatic in breezes that carry magnolia on their wings and cherry blossoms urge you to look up and see the robins sing. Gardens come out of hibernation. I can’t believe the kale survived that long winter! I feel uplifted by it all even as my mind solemnly ponders the implications of Unconventional natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale and I join with others to protect what I love in this place (http://www.shaleshock.org).

It’s almost May and we need you to know that May 10th is the deadline for new Freeskool class proposals for the Summer term (June/July/August). Just click the “Teach for Freeskool” for info about how to do that. We have had amazing classes and we’ll have more amazing classes. Anyone who wants to help us get flyers out consistently is our hero. This has been our biggest challenge.

Don’t forget to watch the birds. Get off the internet and go in the woods!

Yours for a truly free world,

~Dirk from the Freeskool Collective

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