Classes we want (Thanks, Freeskool Potluck!)

The Freeskool potluck was a real success – I can’t believe how many people fit in Ghostcat’s kitchen. The food was great, a huge crowd of old and new friends came and shared and talked, Shira did some video interviews with folks that we’ll be adding to the website, and people stayed late into the evening hanging out and getting to know each other. Thanks to everyone for coming!

During the potluck we had a white board up where we made two lists, Classes We Want, and I Can Teach. People could add whatever they wanted to either list, and people could make tick-marks next to items to show support for them. We made this list so that as we think about what classes we all want to offer next – anyone can be a teacher! – we’ll have an idea of what classes will meet people’s needs and desires.

In the future we’ll try to be even more organized and will try making surveys and using other tools, but in the meantime, let’s just talk, low-tech style! Please add to these lists by posting comments. Maybe there’s a class you could offer and you want people’s opinions. Or you could post about a class you could team up to teach, or write a comment supporting an idea someone’s already listed. We’ll refer to this post and any comments made on it as we plan the next semester of Freeskool classes, and will be sending teachers here so they can see this feedback, so please post your responses and ideas.

Foraging walk (Marvin can help with) 4
Un-schooling (All ages) 2
Hula Hooping 2
Water catchment (Marvin can help with) 2
Encouraging creative process 2
Fire arts 7
Writer’s round table 4
Sewing (with or without a machine) 3
Belly dancing 2
Massage skill share 2
Car mechanics 3
Beginning gymnastics 3
Group therapy 7 (McKenzie can teach) W/ puppets?
Pirate Radio 2
Astrology 2 (Jenny can teach
Henna 3
White privilege discussion group 3
Life drawing 2 (Stephanie Plude can model)
Acro- yoga 3
Welding 2
Guerrilla gardening with homeless outreach 2
Guitar basics (Marvin can teach)
Local herbs and medicinals 2

HTML (Ari)
Graphic design (Ari)
Free Store (Shira) 2
Radio interviewing, DAT and Flash Recorder (Jim), Audio editing, shortcut 360 editions 6 stations (Susan)
Making bio-diesel and veggie oil filtering 2 (
Intro to massage therapy- need a space- 1 (Marvin)
Basics of human development (McKenzie)
Contemporary poetry and creative writing (Sharon)
Bookbinding 1 (Sharon and Ari can both teach)
Water Catchment 2 (
Art model training 1 (Stephanie Plude) needs a space
DIY devil sticks (marina)
Animal rights intro/discussion (Ari) 1
Straw-bale workshop (Marina and Dacha) 2
Facilitation 2


  1. i would like to do the bio-diesel and the guerilla gardening, also i want to learn about programming microcontrollers if anyone knows anything about that.

    1. That’s awesome. You can check out the “Teach for Freeskool” page on the toolbar to see all the information you need to create these classes and then e-mail the information to by September 1st. Any questions you can also e-mail to us.

      Thanks for your interest!

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