TIME CHANGE: Literary Gathering/Talking- Reading-Writing-&-Eating- Party!

Hi all, we hope you’re excited about the upcoming Freeskool session, beginning June 1st! Click here for class descriptions. The following class has had a time change:

Literary Gathering/Talking- Reading-Writing-&-Eating- Party!
Facilitator: Emily Rand (781)-608-4388
Location: 137 Fayette st. #1 in Ithaca!
NOTE CHANGE: Date/ Time: Thursday, June 3rd 9 p.m.
A time and place to enjoy words and sentences and poems and stories and songs and plays and each others’ brains and cooking. Bring something you love that you read (from your favorite book, maybe, or the wall of a public bathroom– you don’t have to bring the wall, just the words that were on it)! Bring your latest verbal creation to share! Bring an idea for a writing exercise or game we can do together! Bring a little piece of feast! Bring one of those things or some of them or all of them. I’ll try to bring at least one of each, probably more. We’re all of us and each of us the teacher.

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