New summer class: d.i.t. (do it together) sustainability

Hi Freeskoolers, here’s info on a brand new class being offered right now, a new addition to the calendar. Check it out, and spread the word!

d.i.t. (do it together) sustainability

facilitator: danny,
where: various locations, meet at tompkins county main library in ithaca
when: fridays at 5:20 (beginning immediately)

course description:
we have the power to be what we need to survive these repressive times. but we cant do it alone, we can share our skills and knowledge about what we all can do to avoid spending all of our money at malls and expensive stores. i’ve facilitated this class in portland, oregon with wonderful success! if you are interested in engineering and designing sustainable systems (wtf?) its not as hard as it sounds. choose the opportunity and ability to be creative, similar to tjhe ways that our ancestors have for countless centuries. sustainability can be defined as many things; it is the ability to take control of our lives, ensuring the continuation of a healthy ecosystem. while we grow the future. bring vegan snacks please.

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