New Semester Begins Soon!

We have been hard at work getting the February – April 2012 Calendar together and it is unquestionably our best one yet. We’ll be offering up old favorites like Community Cinema, Maple Syrup, and Improv and throwing in some new with GNU/Linux for Beginners, Fermented Beverages, some Occupy Wall Street and much, much, more. All free stuff to make your winter and spring even more filled with learning new things, meeting new people and making Ithaca better without spending money. That’s awesome. We’re glad to facilitate it.

Thanks to all the great teachers and organizations that make this possible and thank you for coming out and participating.

Click on “Calendar” to see the new classes and expect paper copies out and about around town and available for download in the coming days. If you can help distribute calendars, contact us at

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am SO excited for the One World Hoop Troop this semester! I am moving to the area in 2 weeks from Albany & have been following your blog for a while. Although I will be a little further away in Vestal (that is ok right?) and not right in Ithaca I am sooo willing to travel to meet new hooper friends! I have been hooping for 2+ years and never have anyone to hoop with! Anyway, I hope to get involved soon, you’ve got a great thing goin’ on! 🙂

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