Freeskool Calendar Release


Freeskool Fall Calendars are coming out soon! Lets celebrate that, yes?

Wed Sept 11 5-7pm and Thur Sept 12 6-9pm

Join Freeskool for our calendar release picnic at Bell Park (the one on Cayuga St. with the big bell, uh huh). Check out the new Fall classes, play games, bring something to eat or get something from the food truck roundup. Get to know your local Freeskool!
But wait, there’s more! Freeskool will also be co-hosting Trampoline, an Ithaca storytelling contest on Thur, Sept 12th at Lot 10. Come at 6pm to grab a calendar and a drink with us, then stay for the 7pm competition – local people telling true stories and being judged by their audience with host Bob Proehl. Oh yeah!

P.S. A few days left to submit that class for Fall, get in touch now!

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