Earn Time Credit for Teaching Freeskool Classes

Ithaca Freeskool is happy to announce that Freeskool teachers can earn time credits for teaching classes! How cool!

What is a time credit? you ask. Check out Tompkins Time Traders – As a member of Tompkins Time Traders you can be rewarded for doing what you love. An hour of everyone’s time is equal. By helping a neighbor you receive a time credit (TC) for each hour of your service or skill. In exchange, you can use the TCs you’ve accrued in the time bank for services offered by another member.

As a Freeskool teacher you can get time credits from your students. Become a member and tell your students about it,!1234061_239492402869049_1286576426_n If they become members they can give you credits. After you’ve taught a class you can log your hours and receive your TCs. Credit can be used for anything offered by other members. Services include things like computer help, house cleaning, car rental, child care, massage, and even dentistry.

Thanks Time Traders!

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