Class Updates


Poetry and Technology – Location change!

Who: Liza Flum and Maggie Jack

When: 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/23 7-8pm

Where: Tompkins Public Library study room

Please join one technologist and one poet in an interdisciplinary class exploring the intersections between poetry and tech. The class will involve writing and reading poetry, and also working with technological tools to create, analyze, and publish poems. We will tailor the class to students’ interests. The capstone will involve publishing poetry either in text online or in sound on the air.


Ithaca Folk Song Swaps – new date for July!

Who: Eric 273-1154

When: 6/21, 7/26 2-5pm  Aug dates TBA

Where: Crow’s Nest Café 115 The Commons Upstairs from Autumn Leaves Books

Let’s get together and sing.  We’re looking for people in the Ithaca area who want to get together to lead a folk song, and join in on others’ songs.  We’ll welcome traditional ballads, chanteys, & songs, as well as contemporary songs with traditional roots.  Bring your acoustic instrument or sing a cappella.  We’ll take turns going around the circle to lead or request a song.  One person guides the turn-taking, encourages beginners, discourages noisy side conversations, and generally tries to keep things on track. Let’s build a stronger Ithaca-based network of folksingers.  Come sing us a song!


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