Where to Teach

Finding a place to teach can sometimes be tricky. Here are some ideas:

Home – lots of Freeskool classes are hosted by the teachers at their homes or friends’ homes. This works great depending on how much space you need.

Park or Public Space – some classes (especially in the summer) are great in places like Stewart Park or the Flower Preserve. Make plans for rain, and get in touch with the park before using their bookable facilities.

Spots in Town – a number of local businesses have offered us space for teaching classes  – they are awesome! Make sure to get in touch with them before advertising your class. Know specific dates and times for your classes when contacting.

Use the Human Services Coalition (HSC) searchable database to find a spot at www.hsctc.org/rooms. Or try one of the below:

Alternatives Library –  127 Anabel Taylor Hall  Ithaca (607) 255-6486 Email ryan@alternativeslibrary.org Access to various sized rooms, audio visual equipment, free tea & coffee, classrooms w/ chalkboards & pointer sticks… you name it! The Alternatives Library has free parking after 5pm & all weekend. The building has elevator & ramp access, and handicap parking options. Class participants can also bring their bikes right into the building!

Barnes & Noble Study Area – a spot to host your next meeting, club gathering, etc.  Enjoy food and drinks from our Cafe along with ample parking.To make a reservation, contact Sherry Auble, Community Business Development Manager, at 607-273-7296 or crm2122@bn.com

Buffalo St. Books – 215 N Cayuga St. Ithaca (607) 273-8246 Great for book groups, discussion groups…etc. Nice space with a few couches. They serve tea, too.

Ten Forward Cafe– 115 The Commons, 2nd Floor (607) 273-8239 Open space above Autumn Leaves bookstore. They serve snacks and drinks. Yum. Please don’t bring outside food to the cafe.

Ithaca Generator Makerspace– 116 W Green St. IG has a front room with a digital projector, tables and seating for ~15, a comfy couch, computer access, 3-D printers, and basic making supplies (scissors, hand tools). There is also a workshop room where you can work on creative projects, with access to woodworking tools. Contact  edu@ithacagenerator.org for more info.

Jillian’s Drawers – 171 E State St  Ithaca (607) 272-1237 Has community room which is small but very cozy. Not just for children’s classes.

FLOOF Collage pARTy! art-making studio – 135 Burleigh Dr – a 450 sq. ft. space with good lighting, a wheelchair accessible bathroom, and excellent ventilation. It is attached to home of owner, but noise from the studio will not disturb residents. Inside, there are two sturdy oak tables and a third table which can be used for snacks. 12 folding chairs in various colors. Contact Corinne cstern_135@earthlink.net to set dates.

 The Shop312 E Seneca St Ithaca (607) 273-5028 Cafe downtown, small space but we used to have a sweet origami night there all the time.

Tompkins County Workers’ Center – 115 E. Martin Luther King Jr. St. / The Commons, Ithaca

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